Handy and Unique Kitchen Gadgets you didn’t know you needed

We bring you the unique and exhaustive list of Unique Kitchen Gadgets you didn’t know you needed.  This list is dedicated to people looking for a useful handy gadgets for the kitchen.

Also, feel free to browse our other features of “Best Lists of products”, and gadgets on this site cause we believe that there are no limits to Gifting and who says you have to always gift someone else, don’t forget to Gift and pamper yourself.

Stainless Steel Filter Spoon and Clip

From the Fire to the Frying pan

A very thoughtful product to make frying food alot easier. The product is made from stainless steel and is easy to clean.

With a filter and clip design its convenient to drain the excess oil, remove excess batter and small pieces of food that tend to get overfried.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets - Engraving Pen Etching Tool

Etch the important stuff

Engraving and etching just got easy! with this battery operated etching tool. Whether its for security or personalizing valuable, this etching tools is easy to use.

The etching tool works on Wood, Metal, Glass, plastic, silver pieces, ornaments, watches and keychains


Unique Kitchen Gadgets - Manual Knife Sharpener

A Sharp knife is a Chef's Best Friend

Blunt knives are dangerous and could cause accidents and nicks while cutting food. This ergonomically designed knife sharpener makes makes it easy to sharpen knives at home.

How does this knife sharpening tool work? The Diamond slot repairs damaged blades, this is followed by tungsten steel which restores the blades sharpness and the thirs slots gives it the polished look.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets - Multi Purpose Washing Bowl & Strainer

A Handy Tool

Ideal for straining Pulses, Lentils, Food-grains, Fruits vegetables, pasta and noodles. The strainer will allow the excess water to drain out and will prevent any food from being wasted.
The strainer is made from  plastic  and is durable and break-resistant. A must have kitchen accessory for its multi-purpose utility.
Water Dispenser Pump for 20 Ltr Bottle

Great 20 Ltr Bottle Accessory

This dispenser hose is made from BPA free food grade silicon and steel. The outer casing is made from ABS plastic.

Handling 20 litre water bottles can be back breaking.  Avoid lifting cans by simply fixing this gadget to the mouth of the bottle, ideal for seniors and women at home.

Kitchen Companion

These are must-have kitchen accessories. The vegetable chopper blades are made of high quality and durable stainless steel. Indeed, she will look forward to chopping vegetables with ease.

The revolving spice rack is a great accompaniment that is made from food grade BPA free plastic.

You are sure to earn some brownie points for gifting this handy kitchen accessory.

Stainless Steel Strainer for Kitchen Sink

Effective Strainer

The stainless steel strainer has a fine mesh that stops dirt and other leftovers from draining into the pipes and clogging them.

The strainer is designed to fit most kitchen sinks and just needs to be placed on the drainage hole of the sink.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets - Water Faucet Light With Adapter

When Water meets Light

The device can be fitted to most taps and does not need batteries and works on the water pressure.

When the water is turned on the pressure activates the LEDs  and transforms the water stream into waterfall of light.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets - Multipurpose Fruit and Bread Slicer

Slice of Life

The stainless steel slicer is ideal for cutting water melons and fruits besides it can also be used to slice pizza, pie or bread.

The cutter is dishwasher safer and has a non-slip grip.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets - Silicone Gloves with Scrubber

Hand in Gloves

Anyone doing the dishes will vouch for the value of this utility accessory. The gloves are ideal for scrubbing and cleaning dishes, cutlery, floors, sinks.

The gloves are made from FDA approved  silicone and are ideal to prevent the dishwasher liquid from coming in contact with the hands.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets - Kitchen Knives 5 Layers Scissors

Cuts like a Knife

Innovative 5 layer kitchen scissors that are convenient to cut leafy vegetables. The scissors are a time-saver and help to cut leafy vegetables faster.

Chopping vegetables just got fun and easy!

5 in 1 Chopper-Dicer-Cutter

Chop like a Pro

The stainless steel blades are sharp and can be used to chop, dice or shred Fruits, vegetables, eggs and cheese.

It can chop into thin, thick and even wedge slices. A perfect gadget to have in the kitchen to make chopping and dicing quick and easy.

Finger Guard Knife Cut Protector

Safety comes First

Anyone working in the kitchen who has encountered a nick while cutting vegetables or fruits will vouch for this safety product.

The finger guards are made from stainless steel, is durable and rust-free. Safety comes first and whether you are a novice or an expert this is a must-have safety accessory.

Multifunction Deep Fry Basket

Deep Fry with Ease

Made from stainless steel, this accessory is primarily designed for deep frying food quickly and with ease. In addition, it can also be used for storing fruits, snacks or for other nifty kitchen uses.

Collapsible Funnel for Liquid Transfer

Handy accessory

The funnel is made from food grade silicone and is collapsible. Ideal for transferring oil into the can or any liquid from the pouch to the bottle.

Silicone Handle protector

For Hot Pans

The protector is made from heat-resistant silicone and protects the hands from hot pans handles.

A sleek alternative to traditional pots, pan holders and kitchen mittens.

Unique kitchen gadgets - Prices and Price comparison

“Here you will find prices of all the products mentioned in this feature”

Stainless Steel Filter Spoon
Engraving Pen Etching Tool
Manual Knife Sharpener
Multi-purpose Washing Bowl & Strainer
Multipurpose Fruit and Bread Slicer
Kitchen Knives 5 Layer Scissors
5 in 1 Chopper-Dicer-Cutter
Finger Guard Knife Cut Protector
Multifunction Deep Fry Chef Basket

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