Best Gadgets under 500 Rs: Unique Gift Ideas for Geeks

We bring you the unique and exhaustive list of Gadgets under 500 Rs.  This list is dedicated to people looking for a unique and useful gadget online.

The list has some awesome ideas for Gifts for that Geeky friend for its sheer novelty and utilitarian features.

Also, feel free to browse our other features of “Best Lists of products”, and gadgets on this site cause we believe that there are no limits to Gifting and who says you have to always gift someone else, don’t forget to Gift and pamper yourself.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees - Waterproof Pouch for Cellphone

Protects the Phone

The pouch fits cellphones upto 6.5″ in size. Ideal for Covid times when the phone needs to be sanitised after every outing.

The pouch is waterproof, and the phone can be operated even when inside the pouch.

The pouch is also useful for storing credit cards, wallet, and passport for those fishing, beach, or water park trips.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees - Magnetic ScrewDriver 31 in 1 Tool Kit

Precision Tool

This is a Precision magnetic screwdriver set. Included are 31 different sizes of screwdrivers made from Stainless steel.

Ideal to have handy at home for opening Toys, small articles, mobile phones, mp3 players, or products having smalls screws. At around the 200 Rs price point, it’s a steal.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees - Multi-Angle Stand for 7-10 inch Tablets

Tab/Ipad accessory

A universal and foldable stand for 7 to 10-inch Tabs/i-pads etc. The tablet can be placed horizontally or vertically, convenient for viewing online media and playing games.

Also, the stand angle can be adjusted by the user as preferred for comfortable viewing.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees - 18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool

A Handy Tool

A wallet-size useful multitool that is credit card sized. It can be used as a bottle opener, a ruler, a flat screwdriver, cellphone stand, bottle and box opener.

Made of heat-treated stainless steel ensures durability. Ideal to have in the wallet during camping, outdoors, or even at home when there’s a convenient handy tool requirement.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - Electronic LED Luggage Weighing Scale

Weight Matters

The electronic weighing scale has an LCD screen with a digital display of the weight. The scale is lightweight and ultra-portable.

Can carry upto 50 Kgs, ideal for checking the luggage’s weight before flight or rail travel. Excess baggage will be history with this nifty tool.

Gifts for Boys - Portable Re-Writeable RuffPad

Digital Notepad

Ideal for writing notes, doodling, and creating to-do lists. When he’s too bored using paper or pen, this one is an excellent digital option.

Maybe it’s just playing noughts and crosses, drawing some sketches, or penning down some idea; this one is a fun alternative.

We liked this device but wished that it was brighter for use in bright daylight when needed. For the sheer novelty and price it’s available at, it’s worth a try.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver with LED Portable Torch

Nifty Tool

A convenient and portable tool that is ultra-portable. There are eight different screwdrivers available that fit different screws.

The set can be folded when not in use and has a torch for use even in the dark.

Portable Neck Fan

Look & Stay Cool

This is a rechargeable lightweight Fan that hangs around the neck. The fan can work for 3 to 7 hours, depending on the speed settings at which the fan is operating.

Ideal for outdoors while travelling or in the office. Also suitable when working in the kitchen or doing the daily chores. This unique fan is sure to help him/her stay cool.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - 4 in 1 USB powered Lamp Pen Stand

Let there be Light

This is a Utility 4 in 1 Pen Stand with USB Hub, Lamp, and Mobile Stand. Whether it’s at office or home, this pen stand is like an all-rounder.

It can be used as a lamp, and the light produced is warm and comfortable to the eye. The light settings are adjustable.

The mobile stand is particularly handy when you are working on your laptop or tablet and need to follow some important notifications on the mobile. The pen stand makes losing pens history.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - Electronics Cables and Accessories Organizer Bag

Organisation is the Key

An organizer bag for cables sure is a lifesaver and a very handy accessory to have. If clutter and the sight of tangled cables make you uncomfortable, this is a must-have accessory.

The bag has several compartments and mesh pockets to arrange electronic accessories and cables correctly. This accessory makes it difficult to forget a charger cable when you travel next.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - Wireless Powerpoint Clicker for Presentations

Meeting Presentation Gadget

A DOOSL branded wireless presenter remote for presentations is an essential gadget if you don’t already own one.

The presenter has a range of 100 metres and works on 2.4 RF frequency. Works perfectly well with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - USB Fan & Led Light Combo

When USB saves the day

A USB Fan & Led Light Combo are handy gadgets to have in the office or at home. Both the devices are USB powered and can be used with laptops, power banks, or any USB power source.

When you sit in the corner of the office or at home where the ventilation is not at its best, the fan is ultra-useful. The Light is good enough to read a book or simply work on the laptop.

Teeny weeny Lights

This is a lovely Mushroom-shaped LED lamp that fits in the usual two-pin plug socket. The lamp has 3 LED bulbs that turn on when there is complete darkness. The lights are easy on the eye and can be used for the entire night if required.

The unique feature that we liked is that it comes with a light sensor that turns On when the room is dark and automatically turns of when some other light is switched On. At the offer price, it’s a value for money deal.

Gifts for Teenager Boys - Colour Changing Alarm Clock

Wake Up, Rise and Shine

A colour changing alarm clock that also doubles up as a night lamp or mood light. The clock shows time, date, and temperature. We loved the easy on the eye backlit display.

The outer casing is translucent that illuminates with seven different colours. This is a unique and good looking clock to wake up compared to the drab looking alarm predecessors.

Walk into Light

This is a fantastic motion sensor light that is super-efficient. The sensor lights can be stuck to any metal surface and works perfectly in the dark.

Very convenient device for washrooms, passage ways, dark closets, or cabinets. We found the sensor lights to work perfectly well and are a must-have device if you don’t like searching for switches in the dark or at night.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - Unique Remote Metal Stand

Antique Look Remote Organizer

A very useful remote organizer that doubles up as a unique and good-looking showpiece. The remote organizer has that vintage look and is an eye-catcher.

It’s silver paint powder coated and is durable and sturdy. This indeed makes finding the remote a lot easier.

For the Power Hungry

The 4 + 1 power switch has a master switch and international socket, ideal for home use or outdoors. The international socket is suitable for different plugs used globally.

The max load the power switch can handle is upto 10A, and the cable is 2 metres long. There is also a safety shutdown feature that trips the power in case of thermal overload.

Best Gadgets under 500 Rs - Prices and Price comparison

“Here you will find prices of all the products mentioned in this feature”

Magnetic ScrewDriver 31 in 1 Tool Kit
Multi-Angle Stand for 7-10 inch Tablets
18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool
Electronic LED Luggage Weighing Scale
8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver
Portable Neck Fan
Portable Re-Writeable RuffPad
4 in 1 USB Lamp Pen Stand
USB Fan & Led Light Combo
Mushroom shaped LED lamp
Colour Changing Alarm Clock
4+1 Power Strip

Availablity on Amazon

Disclaimer – The prices were below 500 Rs at the time of writing this piece. **Hence prices  for some items are subject to vary, kindly check before buying**

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