8 Best Fitness equipment and Gym sets for Home Gym workouts: Reviews, and Price

Our experience of the pandemic, where many of us were confined to our homes, has taught us the importance of staying fit. A sedentary lifestyle and less physical activity can complicate matters further, & affect one’s well-being, and be stressful.
If the office has moved home, so can the Gym. Exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles, weight management, reduces health risks, increases immunity, and releases endorphins that make you feel happier.
Staying fit at home can be easy; you could exercise at any time you please in the safe confines and privacy of your home. Let us tell you how this can be done, with the best fitness equipment picks for your home gym.

Our Top Picks for "Best Fitness equipment for Home Gym"

Best Gym cycle for Home – Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle
Best Dumbbells and weights for Home Gym – Kore Home Gym accessories
Best ankle weights for Mini Home Gym Aurion Ankle weights
Best for push ups – Boldfit Push Up Bars Stand
Best for Abdomen exercises – Boldfit Tummy trimmer
Best for Foream & wrist exercises Strauss wrist & foream strengthener
Best for Hand muscles – Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener
Best for Finger exercises – Adjustable Finger Exercise Grip Builder

What to expect from this Read?

Let us help you choose the best fitness equipment for a home gym that is a must-have for cardio workouts, and to stay fit and healthy during these covid times, do have a look at this list before you make your buying decision.

“Action is the foundation key to all success”

We reviewed different fitness equipment and have compiled the list of the necessary equipment for a home gym that includes an Exercise cycle, Dumbbells, barbels, weight plates, hand grippers, tummy trimmers, ankle weights, and push up bars. 

The treadmill is an essential gear for the home gym, and we opine that no home gym is complete without it. We have written an in-depth article on the Best treadmills for Home gym. Do have a glance through it.

We made this list with equipment that consumes the least space, and some of them are ultra-portable and can be carried to the office or used during traveling.

Sit back for now and enjoy the read. Stay home, stay fab, and fit!

Best Fitness equipment for Home Gym: Reviews

Fitness equipment Reviewed
Fitness equipment Shortlisted
Best Fitness equipment - Home Gym

Best Gym cycle for Home

The stationary exercise bike is designed for maximum user weight upto 100 kgs. This is an excellent, sturdy, and durable equipment for a good cardio workout.

There are two workout options possible; Stationary handle for lower body workout and Moving handles for a complete body workout. There is an adjustable tension knob where the resistance can be set as per user preference from beginner to advanced levels.

The cushioned seat is adjustable and can be easily adjusted as per the user’s height in a comfortable position for cycling. Besides, the pedals have adjustable straps to prevent the feet from slipping.

The user can check out the workout progress on the LCD screen that displays vital parameters like speed, elapsed time, distance, and calories burnt.

Check this out
✅ Max user weight upto 100 Kgs
✅ Belt Drive System
✅ Adjustable Seat
✅ Anti-slip Pedals
✅ Dual Workout
✅ Anti Slip Pedals
✅ LCD Display Monitor

What needs to be improved
🚫 No bottle or mobile holder
🚫 Not the easiest to install.

Best Dumbbells and weights for Home Gym

When one dwells on the subject of weight training, the first picture that comes to mind is that it’s for bodybuilders to build bulky muscles. The reality is that everyone can benefit from light weight training.

Benefits of weight training, to name a few, include increasing bone density, building muscles, improved posture, boosting metabolism and fat loss, improved sleep, boosts immunity, etc.

We chose the Kore Home Gym accessories as it packs the perfect accessories for light weight training. These include 20 Kgs of PVC weights, a curling rod, and dumbbell rods.

The weight plates are made from PVC, which is durable and long-lasting. Besides, there are gym gloves, skipping rope, hand gripper, and a gym bag to start light weight training.

Check this out
✅ 20 Kgs PVC weights
✅ 1 Curl Rod
✅ 2 Dumbbell rods
✅ Leather Gym Gloves
✅ Skipping Rope
✅ Hand Gripper
✅ Gym bag

What needs to be improved
🚫 The quality of the Gym bag is not the best
🚫 The dumbbell locks are made of plastic.

Best ankle weights for Mini Home Gym

The weights are wrapped in high-quality material and are durable and long-lasting. These ankle weights can be used to increase the resistance and give a more challenging workout.

Besides workouts, the weights can be used during daily chores to strengthen the calf and leg muscles. This actually is an ideal accessory for toning leg muscles.

Check this out
✅ High-quality pouch material
✅ Ideal for leg workout
✅ Works well for pull-ups and push-ups
✅ Available in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 kgs

What needs to be improved
🚫 Can’t be used for jogging
🚫 Straps need to be a bit longer. An extra strap would be ideal.

Best for push-ups

The push-up bars are made from high-quality polypropylene, are durable and robust. The bars are covered with foam and are anti-slip, providing user safety.

The bars are easy to grip and are anti-skid, allowing the user to target the upper body muscles. Available in blue or orange colour.

Check this out
✅ High-quality bars
✅ Easy to grip
✅ Anti Skid
✅ Perfect for push-ups
✅ Strong and sturdy
✅ Affordable price

Best for Abdomen exercises

The Boldfit trimmer has dual springs, which translates to more resistance during workouts. The springs are high-quality and ideal for toning the abdomen, biceps, and forearms.

The holders are anti-slip, and one can grip them firmly. The non-slip ankle board ensures a comfortable workout.

Check this out
✅ High-Quality springs
✅ Dual Springs
✅ Anti Slip Grip
✅ Non- slip ankle board.
✅ Lightweight and portable
✅ Budget Price

Best for Foream & wrist exercises

The forearm strengthener is made from heavy-duty stainless steel springs, and there is thick and soft foam, which ensures a pleasant workout experience. This exerciser is versatile and can be used for regular and reverse wrist curls.

There is no need for any assembly and can be used out of the box. Lightweight and portable to be carried anywhere for a nice wrist and forearm workout.

Check this out
✅ Heavy Duty Springs
✅ Ideal for regular or reverse wrist curls
✅ Lightweight and portable
✅ Budget Price

Best for exercising Hand muscles

The hand gripper exercises are beneficial not only for the fingers but also for wrists and forearm muscles. The gripper can be used to increase hand strength and agility.

The Strauss hand grip strengthener also doubles up as a stress reliever, particularly when one feels anxious or restless.

The Strauss hand grip strengthener is made from ABS plastic and has an ergonomic design. The handgrip has a non-slip design and easy to use.

The resistance can be adjusted as per the user preferences and can be used by all the family members.

Check this out
✅ ABS Plastic
✅ Adjustable resistance
✅ High-quality spring
✅ Ergonomic design
✅ Lightweight and portable
✅ Budget Price

Best for Finger exercises

The finger exercise grip builder is suitable for everyone from beginner to pro levels as it can be set to multiple resistance levels. It helps in building fingers, knuckles, hands, and wrists muscles.

Check this out
✅ Adjustable resistance
✅ Durable and Compact Grip trainer
✅ Ergonomic design
✅ Suitable for all ages
✅ Lightweight and portable
✅ Budget Price

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