Best Gifts for Kids: Unique Gift Ideas for Children aged 4 to 12 years

We bring you the unique and exhaustive list of Gifts for Kids. Whether its an a birthday or some special occasion we trust you will find the perfect gift from the list below. This list is dedicated to children in the 4 to 12 years age group.

We have gifts for every budget, there are some gifts and good deals below 500 bucks, in those cases, we advise you to pair some of the ideas and make a bigger better and memorable Gift for the child.

Also, feel free to browse our other features of “Best Lists of products”, and gadgets on this site cause we believe that there are no limits to Gifting and who says you have to always gift someone else, don’t forget to Gift and pamper yourself.

Best Gifts for Kids - Table Lamp for Children

Dispel the Darkness

This is a cute dog-shaped wooden table lamp. Makes it to our list for its sheer novelty and utility. The adjustable lamp head can rotate upto 180° while the lamp body can be adjusted to 360°.

The LED lights are easy on the eye and are non-flickering. An ideal accompaniment for studying or leisure reading alike.

Best Gift for Kids - Ludo Print Bedsheet

For the Winning Sleep

The bedsheet is a unique playful one with Ludo print. Comes with the complete set of Double bedsheet, 2 pillow covers, a Dice and also 16 tokens.

The Pillow covers also have Ludo print so one can choose whether to play on the bedsheet or the pillow. The besheet has 250 Thread count. This one is a taker for its sheer novelty

Gifts for Girls - Extra Large Soft Teddy

Make Her feel Special

“A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a Smile.” This is a huge and huggable soft Teddy and an ideal gift for a girl. After all, Who doesn’t like a Soft, huggable cute little teddy?

The Teddy Bear is made of soft material and has soft cotton felling on the inside. The soft teddy is washable.

Follow the link to explore other colour options.

Best Gift for Kids - Cartoon Printed LED Night Lamps

The Fun Lamp

The cartoon printed LED lamp is the perfect choice for the kid’s room. Available in a pack of 6. The light is soft and non-disturbing and can be kept on for the entire night if required.

Works on AAA battery (not included in this pack). Follow the link to explore other quantity options available.

Personalised Photo Frame

Make the kid feel Special

Make her feel extra special with a personalised message, quote, or slogan. The Beechwood photo frame is available in different sizes. We recommend the 5 by 4 or the 5 by 7 inches size.

The photo and the message will be engraved in wood with excellent detailing. This one has all the making of a memorable gift. You are sure to score extra brownie points for this thoughtful gift.

This gift is an all-time classic and is ideal for all occasions.

Best Gifts for Kids - Spiderman Projector Watch for Kids

When Spiderman meets Watch...

This is a digital projector wristwatch.  We liked the digital time display, which is easier to read, especially for the younger children.

The Unique quality of this watch is that it has an inbuilt projector that projects the Spiderman character. There are 24 different projections possible, and looks nice in the dark. 

Best Gifts for Kids - LED Firefly Wheel Cap for Bicycle

Ride in Style

The LED light fits on the wheel valve of the Cycle. When the wheels are rotated, the light glows and stops when the Cycle is stopped.

The light can be easily fitted; it’s energy-efficient, works on motion sensors, and is 100% waterproof.

Best Gifts for Kids - Magic Spring Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Kids love this trendy toy, and it’s an ideal gift if they don’t already own one. The spring is rainbow coloured and looks shimmery when played with.

Ideal toy to keep the child in a playful mood and comes in a set of 2.

Best Gifts for Kids - Ultimate Spider Man Pencil Box

When Spiderman meets Box

An exquisite, durable, and unique looking pencil box. The box has Spiderman print and is also password protected. Yay, only the kid can open his box when the password is set.

The box has an inbuilt sharpener for sharpening pencils and also includes an inbuilt compass for direction.

Overall this is a great utility gift for kids. They sure are going to love this.

Best Gifts for Children - Walkie Talkie Set for Kids

Kiddo come in!

The popular walkie talkie that kids love especially handy while playing Chor-police 🙂 The walkie talkie comes in a set of 2; it is compact and is easy for children to handle.

We liked that the antenna can be extended for a better range upto 100 feet. Trust this one to be exciting and entertaining.

Gifts for Boys - Mattel Uno Playing Card Game

The Classic Card Game

UNO is a classic card game and it’s a fun game for everyone.  The pack contains a deck of 108 cards. The game can be played by  2 – 10 players.

The quality of the cards is excellent. Buy these cards, Enjoy the game, and don’t forget to say UNO!

Best Gifts for Kids - Magic Pens for Secret Messages

Secret for Life

Write a secret message with this special pen. Once the message is written with the invisible ink pen, shine the UV light on the message to read it.

This is an exciting and ideal gift for kids, and it sure sounds like fun. Available in a set of 20 pieces with lights.

Best Gifts for Kids - LED Light Flashing Finger Prop

The Abracadabra Gift

The magic prop lights make light appear on the fingertips. Another fun activity to give the illusion that the fingertips are lit up.

The prop is designed to automatically turn on when worn on the fingertips and turns off when removed. If performing a magic trick, the kid can turn on the LED with pressure on the thumb tip.

Psst….Do we hear them saying Abracadabra!

Best Gifts for Kids - Wooden Learning Game Set -10 Colors

Where Creativity meets Fun

The rectangular-shaped wooden toys are made from Linden wood and painted with non-toxic paint.

This is an educational toy that can stimulate creativity. The kids can use their imagination to make different shapes or set them to see the domino effect

Best Gifts for Kids - World Map Globe

The whole world in your hands

Help the Kid enjoy a few geography lessons with this 3D Globe; after all, 2D was for the 90s and noughties. The Globe is 8″ and has a sturdy iron base with a chrome finish.

Countries, Capitals, oceans, and seas are clearly and concisely marked to make Geography fun and easy.

Life happens, Chocolate Helps

A list of Gifts for Kids would be incomplete if there were no chocolates on the list. Lo and behold!!, we found the perfect gift hamper with assorted chocolates.

The leather basket is a bonus. Do check the list of chocolates before making the purchase.

Best Gifts for Kids - Magnetic Puzzles Squares

Excellent creative game

The magnetic square game is available with 400 colourful magnets and 200 puzzles. The puzzles are very entertaining and sure to keep the kids creatively engaged for hours.

The 200 pattern book is just to get the kids started, but the real motive is to have kids create their own patterns. This is an excellent creative game for kids of all ages.

Best Gifts for Kids - DIY Science invention kit

The Science Game

Involves a series of kits, with each demonstrating the basics of Science. An innovative, fun game to teach the kids basic scientific concepts.

The various games involve electronics, robotics, electrical, chemistry, magnetic concepts, and invention kit. We loved the DIY alarm and the levitating pencil in this set.

Best Gifts for Children - Augmented Reality Based Globe

AR World Tour

Yes, we have a Globe on the list already. This one takes it a notch higher, though, with its augmented reality tour. The orboot app works on android and ios devices.

The kids can scan icons on the AR globe via the app and explore interesting facts about those places.

Best Gifts for Children - Metallic HD Toy Balloons Blue and Silver

For the party decor

This one is not a gift. But since we figured there’s a party happening, we have it on our list. There are 50 uninflated high-quality metallic finish balloons that could set the party mood for starters.

The balloons can be blown upto 9″ wide and are blue and white coloured. They can be blown with an air balloon pump or Helium compatible if needed.

Best Gifts for Children - Kids Play Tent House

The kids own play-house

Kids love this tent house, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Allows the kids some space of their own and helps them develop a sense of ownership.

Whether it’s playing alone or role-playing with other kids, the tent house is sure to evoke some exciting ideas and creative spark among them.

Follow the link to explore other colour options available.

Teeny weeny Lights

This is a lovely Mushroom-shaped LED lamp that fits in the usual two-pin plug socket. The lamp has 3 LED bulbs that turn on when there is complete darkness. The lights are easy on the eye and can be used for the entire night if required.

The unique feature that we liked is that it comes with a light sensor that turns On when the room is dark and automatically turns of when some other light is switched On. At the offer price, it’s a value for money deal.

Gifts for Girls - Strauss Skipping Rope

Fun Fitnesss

The skipping rope is 3 meters long PVC rope with a good grip slim plastic handle, ideal for single or group skipping.

A good break from the indoor handheld games and definitely a more physically enduring activity.

Gifts for Girls - Yonex ZR 100 Badminton Racquet

Dare to Win

Kids love playing Badminton, it’s a fun game, and there are manifold benefits of playing the sport. To name a few, It improves muscle strength, flexibility, agility, and boosts the metabolism rate.

Yonex is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to Badminton racquets for years. The racquet is made from aluminium, is lightweight and highly durable. This is a single racquet, kindly change the quantity as per racquets required.

Best Gifts for Children - 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit Toys

Fun with Robot

The 14 in 1 educational robot kit will teach the kids about renewable energy sources and basic technology concepts.

The robot works on solar power and can be transformed into 14 different modules to explore. The kit is safe and easy to assemble, as there are no tools involved.

Best Gifts for Children - Toy Binocular with Pop-Up Light

I have my Eyes on you

Kids love binoculars; this is an ideal gift for all curious children who are eager to explore. The lenses are tinted and have night vision.

The binoculars have a pop-up light and a neck strap to secure it around the neck. This is a toy binocular for kids and has a zoom of upto 4x.

Best Gifts for Children - Jungle Magic Doodle Artz

Fun with doodles

An excellent innovative game that sparks creativity and artistic skills in children. The set comes with two pillow covers and six washable markers.

An ideal stress buster gift for kids to keep them away from gadgets and doodle their thoughts.

Best Gifts for Children - Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

Skating is retro and hip

The skates are durable and have a rugged steel plate. They are easy to lace with velcro straps that secure the foot in the skate and provide a perfect and comfortable fit.

The skate wheels are durable and feature ball bearings that are designed to make skating smooth and safe. There is an adjustable toe stopper in the front to make braking easy.

Gifts for Her - Personalized Name Necklace

What's in a Name

Make the kid feel extra special with a personalised name necklace that’s available in gold, silver or rose gold plating.

This one has all the making of a memorable gift. You are sure to score extra brownie points for this thoughtful gift.

This gift will stand out for its sheer novelty. 

Best Gifts for Kids - Cycle for Boys & Girls

When in doubt, pedal it out

The European designed cycle has a high handlebar and easy on the eye colours. The bike is ideal for kids in the age group of 6 to 10 years.

The cycle frame is robust and made of high-quality components. The cycle is lightweight, has a comfortable saddle, inflatable tyres, a high-quality chain with chain guards, V-brakes, and can handle rough roads.

Best Gifts for Kids - Road Runner Scooter for Kids

LIfe is a journey, enjoy the ride

This is the right choice of gifts for kids in the age group of 3 to 14 years as it has adjustable handles and can carry upto 75 Kgs. The scooter is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The two front wheels are large and fitted with LED lights that glow brighter as the speed increases. The ABEC 7 bearings ensure a fast and smooth ride.

Gifts for Men - Customised Wooden LED Shadow Box

Shadow Wisdom

We loved the Unique shadow box that can display a customized shadow message.

Ideal gift for all ages, You are sure to score some extra brownie points for this thoughtful gift.

Best Gifts for Kids - Prices and Price comparison

“Here you will find prices of all the products mentioned in this feature”

Table Lamp for Children
Ludo Print Bedsheet
Extra Large Soft Teddy
Cartoon Printed LED Night Lamps
Spiderman Projector Watch for Kids
LED Firefly Wheel Cap for Bicycle
Ultimate Spider Man Pencil Box
Walkie Talkie Set for Kids
Mattel Uno Playing Card Game
Magic Pens for Secret Messages
World Map Globe
Magnetic Puzzles Squares
DIY Science invention kit
Augmented Reality Based Globe
Metallic HD Toy Balloons Blue & Silver
Mushroom shaped LED lamp
Strauss Skipping Rope
14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit Toys
Toy Binocular with Pop-Up Light
Jungle Magic Doodle Artz

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