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9 Best Amazon Alexa and Echo Speakers

Amazon Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology developed by Amazon. The Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers act as a smart hub controlling compatible devices by Voice control. For example, when the user says, Alexa turn on lights – the Lights will be turned on. "Best Amazon Alexa and ...

Home Automation – Easy Smart Home ideas in a budget

Want to make your home smart and the easy way ?We have the best home automation ideas and within a budget. Let's go step by step with these home automation ideas to make your home smart. Alexa and Google Mini act as virtual smart assistants communicating with your smart home devices. Our Top ...

5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews, Buying Guide and Price

Sweeping and mopping the floors seem to be a challenge, especially in this lockdown. In these uncertain times, most people are reluctant to call the house-help home to assist in the daily chores. We opine these Robot vacuum cleaners are a must-have accessory to assist you with sweeping and wet ...

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