3 Best Microwave Ovens in India | Buying Guide, Reviews and Price Comparison

If we had to name one gadget that’s, “The most under utilised ever” – It has to be the Microwave oven.

There are 2 Groups of Microwave oven users 1) The Group that uses the microwave to Reheat food and maybe occasionally defrost food and 2) The Group that uses microwave ovens to Reheat, grill and bake food, basically these are users who explore all the functionalities of the microwave.

As shocking as it sounds there are many users out there who own Convection Microwave ovens only to use it for Reheating food. They probably are missing out on exploring all the functionalities of a device they most likely own since years.

Our Top Picks for "The Best Microwave Ovens"

Best Microwave Oven overall – IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven
Best Convection Microwave Oven – Feature-Rich – LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven
Best Solo Microwave Oven – Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

What to expect from this Read

Whether you already own a microwave oven and want to upgrade or buy a new one. We recommend 3 microwave ovens that are capable of doing much more than reheating food. Do read our buying guide to decide on the features you need.

We reviewed 32 Dishwashers to begin with, short-listed it to 11 for the whiteboard and finally, we picked three from the choices of Microwave Ovens out there.

We cover all the functions, capabilities and ideal features that you would look for in a Microwave Oven.

Best Microwave Ovens in India Reviews

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Best Microwave Ovens

Best Microwave Oven overall

Best Microwave Oven IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

This Convection Microwave from IFB can reheat, grill, defrost, bake and cook food. We loved this popular choice microwave for its multi-purpose functionality.

Operating this Microwave oven is super easy. With the 24 preset menu options, choose the cooking mode and the food’s weight to be cooked or defrosted.

Auto-set feature stores upto three cooking styles in its memory. Ten temperature options give the added flexibility to the user to bake as per the recipe.

The combination cooking mode blends microwave and grill mode to cook and give that nice brown texture to the cooked food. The express cooking option is convenient for quick cooking.

May not be a significant criterion for many, but we liked the shiny silver finish of this oven that goes with most of the present-day kitchen’s theme and color schemes.

The child lock functionality is safe to prevent accidental touches to the control panel. Additional safety features include Overheating and sensor malfunction protection.

Check this out:
✅ 20 L convection model
✅ Grill, Defrost, Baking, Reheating, and Defrosting
✅ 24 preset Menu options
✅ 10 Temperature modes
✅ Auto-set memory feature
✅ Overheating
✅ Child lock
✅ Warranty 1 year for the machine and three years on the Magnetron & Cavity

What needs to be improved
🚫 The quality of the starter kit isn’t the best.

Best Convection Microwave Oven - Feature-Rich

Feature-rich products and the LG brand seem to go hand in hand. This feature-rich microwave from LG doesn’t disappoint at all.

At 28L capacity and its capacity, this microwave oven is an ideal gadget for the Indian kitchen. The Convection model is ideal for grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking food.

I know what your thinking, that these are features available anyways in the convection microwave. True! Read along for the special features.

Diet Fry – Keep the excess oil away by using the Diet Fry option.
Indian Roti – Prepare common Indian Bread varieties at the touch of a button.
Pasteurized Milk – This method retains nutrition and removes bacteria.
Ghee in mins – Making ghee becomes easy and faster with this microwave oven.
Barbecuing is made convenient with the 360° Motorised Rotisserie that serves crispy food at a button’s touch.
251 auto cook menus should give the user the choice to preferentially customize the settings.

The healthy delight app from LG has a ton of recipes to keep this microwave oven in business every day.

Check this out:
✅ 28L convection Microwave oven
✅ Diet Fry
✅ Pasteurized milk setting
✅ Milk products Easy preparation
✅ Barbecuing option
✅ 251 auto cook menus
✅ Healthy Delight App
✅ Starter Kit

What needs to be improved
🚫 Some of the technicians coming for Demo/installation do not explain all features and give misinformation.

Best Solo Microwave Oven

Best Solo Microwave Oven Samsung 23 L

If you are looking for a Microwave oven for Cooking, Reheating, and Defrosting, our recommendation is this budget offering from the Samsung brand.

We liked the premium looking design that features tact buttons and jog dial very convenient, especially while cooking, and if your hands are messy, the controls can still be operated.

The triple distribution system ensures that the airflow is efficiently distributed and cooks the food evenly. The magnetron’s ceramic interiors are scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial.

 20 pre-set menus give the user the choice to preferentially customize the settings. 

The ECO mode option saves on power consumption, and the Child lock is a safety feature provided for homes with little ones. 

No starter kit is provided with this budget offering.

Check this out:
✅ 23L solo microwave oven
✅ Triple Distribution system
✅ Ceramic Interiors
✅ Tact Buttons and Jog Dial
✅ Warranty – 1 year on Product and  Magnetron, 10 years on Cavity

What needs to be improved
🚫 The black doors are not ideal for seeing the machine in operation or viewing the food being heated.

Buying Guide to choose the Best Microwave Oven in India

Types of Microwave ovens:

Solo Microwave Oven (Standard) – Also known as Standard microwave ovens, these can be used for reheating, defrosting food, and simple cooking.
Grill Microwave Oven – As implied by the name, these variants can be used for Grilling and roasting food besides the usual reheating and defrosting of food.
Convection Microwave Oven – The most feature-rich of the three variants. The convection microwave ovens have a fan and a heating element circulating the hot air evenly in the Microwave. These variants can be used to bake, grill, reheat, defrost the food, and basic cooking.

The Microwave oven capacity – The microwave oven capacity ranges from 15 to 30+ Litres: the average and popular segment capacity range from 20 to 30 Litres.

We don’t recommend the 15 to 20 Litres microwave as its too small. The reason is what you see in the Magnetron (Inner cavity of the Microwave) also houses the heating coils and the turntable.

From a user perspective, the usable space is whether utensils and pots could be placed with sufficient clearance to rotate freely.

Panel of the Microwave

The Control panels available are
Mechanical – Usually, the Solo Microwave ovens have these panels
Feather-touch Panels – Pleasing to the eye, premium, and comparatively more comfortable to operate.

Safety tips for Using the Microwave Oven

Check the following –
✅ The supply voltage corresponds to the ovens operating voltage range.
✅ The Power outlet is grounded, and the socket matches the microwave plug
✅ After installation, the power cable and plug must be freely accessible.
✅ The power cable must not be twisted, stretched, or placed under the microwave oven.
✅ The cable and the Microwave should not be in close proximity to Gas cylinders, induction cookers, or other heating equipment.
✅ Avoid extension cords or multi-socket outlets.
✅ Place the Microwave on a sturdy base.
✅ Ensure that the Microwave ventilation is not blocked as the Microwave gets heated during normal operations.
✅ Do not dry run the microwave oven with no food inside; this could potentially damage the oven.
✅ Children can operate the microwave oven under adult supervision.
✅ Food and liquids in the Microwave should be placed without the lids in open containers.
✅ Do not overheat food; it’s best to use the preset programs.
✅ For reheating food, 1 to 1.5 mins should mostly be good if the food is served on a plate or in small bowls.
✅ Use Microwave safe dishes in the Microwave, avoid steel dishes, paper bags, wire/metals fasteners, or foil in the Microwave.
✅ Avoid restaurant packed containers being placed directly in the Microwave. It’s a healthy practice to serve the food on a plate and then heat it.
✅ While removing the dishes from the oven, ensure that you use gloves as the dishes can get very hot.
✅ Do not operate the oven without the glass turntable or the roller ring.
✅ There is a possibility of food being splattered in the machine. It’s a good practice to wipe it immediately with a clean cloth.

MIcrowave Oven with Price and Price Comparison

“Here you will find prices of all the products mentioned in this feature”

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven
LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven
Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

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