3 Best Dishwashers in India | Buying Guide and Reviews

If one considers Cooking to be an art and an exciting activity, then washing Dishes after, does not evoke the same happy emotions for many. Dishwashers weren’t among the priority list of items in an Indian kitchen until a few years ago.

Choosing the right Dishwasher can be a challenging task. Our team has spent hours of research on this very intriguing subject.

We came about with this list and the in-depth reviews of the ones which made it here. We encourage you to glance through our Frequently asked questions and Dishwasher Buying Guide.

This was also the basis of how we chose the Top 3 in various categories. Of course, our emphasis has been the Indian kitchen and Indian cuisine throughout.

Our Top Picks for "The Best Dishwashers"

Best Dishwasher Overall – LG 14 Place Dishwasher 
Best Dishwasher for Hard water – Bosch 12 Place Dishwasher
Best Dishwasher Budget Choice – Voltas Beko Dishwasher

What to expect from this Read

At the end of this exercise, we trust that you would be confident and educated about the most suited features to your kitchen.

We started with 28 Dishwashers, short-listed it to 12 for the whiteboard and finally, we picked three from the myriads of Dishwashers out there.

We cover all the functions and capabilities that you would look for in a Dishwasher.

Best Dishwashers in India Reviews

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Best Dishwashers

Best Dishwasher Overall

Best Dishwasher - Winner - LG 14 Place Dishwasher DFB424FP

We rate this as the best Dishwasher in the Premium Category. With Premium Features like QuadWash and Trusteam, this machine does exactly what it was designed to do. Firstly let us clarify these Jargon sounding features.

QuadWash is a feature that uses high-pressure spray jets coupled with Four (Quad) multi-motion spray arms, to wash all of your dishes thoroughly.

Trusteam is a feature that uses Steam to cover all areas of the vessels in the tub, including those tricky difficult to reach places of the vessels.

There are 9 wash programs here, which gives you maximum control over the vessel load and the required time you need to set this machine to provide the best output.

The EasyRack plus function offers the flexibility to place big utensils like Pressure cookers, Kadhais, and Tavas comfortably in the machine.

The tines are foldable, and the racks have height adjustment capabilities, which make the loading process effortless. The racks gliding rails give an effortless glide to smoothen the rack motion.

The Inverter direct drive technology is a power saver, in fact we are familiar with the term Inverter, which  is synomous to saving power.

The machine works optimally at 44 dB, this machine is the quietest in the range. This is a super silent operator.

Works well with hard water and the right salt level settings, we would rate this as the best Dishwasher for hard water conditions that’s prevalent in some parts of India.

Did we mention that this machine is Smart? The LG ThinQ mobile App allows you to customize settings and even has a smart diagnosis feature. Besides the ease of customization, with this added function, you get notifications right on your smartphone.

A safety tip to add if you use the Intensive mode and with temperatures soaring to 100° C. Please wait for atleast 5 to 10 mins before opening the machine to avoid directly handling hot vessels.

Check this out
✅ Steam Wash at 100 C
✅ Quadra Jet Wash
✅ Smart Functionality
✅ 9 Wash Programs
✅ 14 place setting
✅ Inverter Technology
✅ Flexible Tines
✅ Removal Cup Rack
✅ Child Lock
✅ 10 years warranty on the motor

What needs to be improved
🚫 If there is a power failure at the start of the cycle, it starts the cycle all over. This is not a problem if its amidst the cycle where it resumes from where it stopped.

Best Dishwasher for Hard water

When we compiled this list of household appliances, we could never miss the reliable tech giants from Germany. Bosch has been known to deliver quality products over the years, and they haven’t disappointed us a tad bit with this product as well.

So let me introduce you to the Best Dishwasher overall, aka The most Popular Dishwasher – aka Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (Silver Inox finish).

Now, there is another model, namely the Bosch SMS66GW01I which comes in White colour. Please note that ALL other features are the same besides the colour. Needless to say that we would recommend the Bosch SMS66GI01I for its easy to maintain anti-stain Silver finish.

This machine has 6 Wash programs. The notable one to mention is the Intensive Kadhai wash Program.

As the name suggests is perfect for Indian homes. This would be a setting used to handle those soiled and extra greasy utensils/Kadhais. The washing is aided by the water temperature at around 70° C and aggressive drying feature as well.

The other wash programs provide the user flexibility to set the cycle as per the vessel load or time. These machines are also optimised for Energy and Water conservation with an automatic Load Sensor.

The machine has an ExtraDry option to get the vessels thoroughly dried. Plastic containers are known to take that added time to get dried and we were satisfied with seeing the plastic vessels being thoroughly dried at the end of the cycle.

This Dishwasher is designed with an emphasis to protect Glassware, especially those delicate dishes.

This is one of the Best Dishwashers for handling Hard water. There are quite a few areas in India which have hard water supply. It’s worth mentioning the use of softening salt and please set Salt setting at D:08 (Max) for best results.

Check this out
✅ 12 place setting is suitable for families up to 6 members
✅ Flexibility with 6 Wash Programs
✅ Extra Dry Option is Optimal for challenging to dry
✅ Plastic items
✅ Effective Load sensor
✅ Energy Efficient
✅ Child Lock
✅ 10-year guarantee on the anti rust inner tub

What needs to be improved
🚫 Needs a Stabiliser if you stay in an area that has voltage fluctuations.

Best Dishwasher Budget Choice

Best Budget Dishwasher Voltas Baeko

If your looking for a Budget-friendly and value for money option look no further. Voltas (part of the Tata Group) in collaboration with Beko have launched this product. We would highly recommend the compact size Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher.

This is an 8 place setting dishwasher. This means that compared to the other 2 mentioned above, fewer vessels could be placed in the Dishwasher. This is ideal for a small family.

This machine boasts of 6 wash programs. This includes an intensive wash program with water temperatures reaching up to 70° C for aiding anti-bacterial and clean washing. They also have a mini-program of 30 mins for a smaller load.

Check this out
✅ 8 place setting
✅ Compact Size
✅ 6 Wash Programs
✅ The Budget Price
✅ It can be self-installed easily if required.

What needs to be improved
🚫 The basket design will need you to load the utensils with precision.

Buying Guide to choose the Best Dishwasher in India

Types of Dishwashers:
FreeStanding – Offers the Flexibility to place the Dishwasher at a Convenient Place most likely in the kitchen.
Table Top – These are also called Counter top dishwashers. Very similar to Freestanding models of Dishwasher but these are usually smaller (4 to 8 Place settings) and can be kept over the Kitchen counter.

Built in – These are designed to be placed under the counter and in terms of aesthetics are designed to be integrated with the Kitchen Furniture.

Trying to integrate this into the existing full stacked Kitchen could be a space challenge on its own. Would be ideal though for those designing a new kitchen or who simply have the space available.

If this is the chosen option, Do keep in mind, that when you do want to upgrade in future some modifications will have to be made depending on the model and size of the upgrade.

Placement and Installation at Home –
Know exactly where the Dishwasher is to be placed in your home. There should be free access to open the Front loading door. There should be water supply and also provision for draining the water.

Provisioning of Electricity – Dishwashers are heavy duty appliances, so a heavy duty power supply port should be made available.

Ease of Operation –
The Dishwasher is at its nascent stage in India. The ease of Operation while buying a product like this should be considered primarily since different members of the family will use the machine.

Load Capacity of the Dishwasher – The most common place settings range from 12 to 16. Jargon Buster – A place setting consists of a cup, saucer, butter plate, salad plate and dinner plate.

In lay-mans terms, the place settings are basically the space available in the Dishwasher to place the utensils. Needless to say higher the place setting, more dishes can be placed within the Dishwasher.

Depending on the size of the family one could take a call on that factor.

Power and Water Consumption – Its always recommended to check the motor type and the Dishwasher Program modes available which will give the user control to use it in a conservative yet efficient mode.

Budget – Most of the optimal features are available in the Rs 30000 to 65000 price range. So keep an eye around that budget while making this deision.

Dishwasher Smart features – This is an added premium feature in the newer models.

Dishwasher Frequently asked Questions

Why should I buy a Dishwasher ?
For starters to wash the Utensils 🙂  But let’s not forget that the Dishwasher works at temperatures ranging from 50 to 100C. This ensures germ-free hygienic wash results.

It does so efficiently by conserving water compared to manual washing. Handling detergents with bare hands has been known to cause skin dryness and allergies in severe cases.

The Dishes come out Dry so there is no need for wiping the dishes. Finally its a Time saver allowing the user to engage in other productive activities.

Buying and maintaining the Dishwasher is definitely expensive compared to traditional washing, but the end results and the added convenience definitely outweigh the cost factor.

Do I need to pre-rinse all the utensils before placing them in the Dishwasher ?
The answer to that is NO. We recommend that you scrape away large leftovers of food, but feel free to leave the oil residue behind. If the food was burnt in the utensil, we recommend that in such cases, the burnt residue is removed.

Which is the Best Dishwasher for hard water In India ?
The Lower the hardness of the water the better the Dishes will be washed. Regenerating salts are used to soften the water in Dishwashers and settings are provided accordingly.

We recommend the Bosch Dishwasher for their Capabilities and LG 14 Place Dishwasher and mentioned above.

Are Dishwashers noisy?
44 dB to 52 dB sound levels at which most Dishwashers operate are pretty normal sound levels for an Indian home. Anything higher than 65b dB is noisy and should be avoided.

What are the Safety tips while handling Dishwashers?
Place sharp items and cutlery, pointing downwards in the Utensil basket. If there is a cutlery tray provided, these should be ideally placed there. Ensure there is sufficient clearance around these objects.

The same care should be taken for glass items. Remember, the machines are designed to protect the glassware. But that doesn’t mean that you throw the glass objects in there.

Most dishwashers work with Hot water. So avoid the hurry and allow the machine to cool down for atleast 5 to 10 mins before you decide to unload the machine.

Close the Doors well. Use the child lock feature generously if available.

Use the right accessories with the Dishwasher.

Don’t mix Dishwasher detergents with other washing detergents.

Ensure that when you place the utensils, the rotating arms are not obstructed.

What Vessels should I avoid placing in the Dishwasher?
🚫 Teflon pans.
🚫 Brass, Copper and Bronze ware.
🚫 Aluminium – This is a bit debatable because I know many folks out there who wash Aluminium utensils at lower temperature settings, however we don’t recommend it. We believe and with practical usage over time the metal does start getting black
🚫 Wooden stuff.
🚫 Some types of Plastic – Please check if they are Dishwasher safe.
🚫 Thermos and other Insulated Flasks – While the body is Dishwasher safe, there is a strong possibility that the vacuum seal can get damaged.
🚫 Acrylic

Dishwasher Prices

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