Childproof Products – How to easily baby proof your house and make it kids safe

As the baby grows, especially when the baby is < 6 months, they are curious and want to explore their surroundings. The baby will pull and tug onto anything within reach, and as parents, it’s vital that the baby is safe while doing so. This is a crucial exploratory and learning phase in the development of the child.

It’s crucial to Childproof your home. The surroundings should encourage the baby to explore and safely at that. Keep away all sharp objects, small beads, or any object that the baby could potentially put in the mouth. Cover electrical sockets, doorways, especially the kitchen, also secure and keep loose wires and cables out of reach. Tug away or fold tablecloths or anything that the baby can pull and hurt him/herself.


Our Top Picks for "Best Childproofing products to Baby Proof your home"

Best Barricade Gate – Fisher-Price Baby Safety Gate
Best for Grills and Stairs – Safe-O-Kid Fall Prevention Safety Net
Best to Babyproof Furniture Edges – Amazara Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards
Best for furniture doors – KidDough Furniture Safety Locks
Best for covering electrical sockets – Protoware Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Guards
Best Door guards – Babysafehouse Finger Pinch Door Guard
Best protective wear for Babies -DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet and Kneepads

What to expect from this Read?

Let us help choose these essential accessories to keep the baby safe while he explores the new surroundings. We shortlisted 43 childproofing products for this exercise of finding the “Best Childproofing products to Baby Proof your home”. We narrowed down the list to the best 12 before finally coming up with the final list below of 7 childproofing products in India.

PS – Of the top 12, we found that many had similar features to the one’s in our top 7 and eliminated them to the best seven below. 

We encourage you to glance through our Buying Guide and other tips to pick up the baby proofing products. We want to emphasise that these products are only to prevent any untoward incidents and even though they are installed its ideal to have an adult supervise the baby at all times.

Best Childproofing Products in India Reviews

Childproofing products Reviewed
Childproofing products Shortlisted
Best Childproofing products

Best Barricade Gate

Childproofing and baby proof products- Fisher price gate

We liked the Fisher Price door barricades; these are very important to demarcate a safe playing area for the baby. It could be used even to cordon the kitchen.

Statistics reveal that the maximum accidents happen in the kitchen, and the kitchen pathway must be barricaded to prevent the baby from crawling or stepping into the kitchen.

We chose the Fisher price barricade because they are easy to install and do not need any special hardware. They come in different sizes and could be customised to any size door or passage as required. The standard sizes are available to cover widths between 29 to 33 inches; in addition, there are wider options available upto 51 inches.

Adults can easily open the gate. The gate swings 180°, and as one passes through the gate, it locks automatically. The gate meets ASTM standards and also has a one year warranty.

Check this out
✅ Barricade size ranging from 29 to 51 inches
✅ Pressure mounted without special hardware
✅ Autolock
✅ Easy adult operations
✅ ASTM Safety Certified
✅ 1-year limited warranty.

Best for Grills and Stairs

Childproofing and baby proof products- Baby Fall Prevention Safety Net

The mesh is made from high-quality stretchable fabric, is weatherproof, durable, and tear-resistant. The mesh net can be used to cover stairs or grills and prevent the baby from getting stuck in the gap between grills.

Ideally, for the balcony and French windows, the baby access should be barricaded. However, these could still be used as a second line of safety.

We want to forewarn our readers that although they provide some protection, it’s not a substitute for adult supervision. Ensure that there are adults around to take care of the child always.

One of our editors found the most excellent utility of the mesh net in collecting toys that her kid would try to throw from the balcony. Yes, if this is snugly installed, they would prevent toys from falling off as well.

For patios with wide gaps or duplex flats with stairs, this is a must have safety accessory. The mesh itself can be easily installed with tie straps and does not require professional help.

Other utility areas for the mesh net are
* Stair rails
* Balcony grills
* Crib/Cradle gaps
* Corridors

Check this out
✅ High-quality mesh fabric
✅ Stretchable Durable material
✅ Weatherproof material.
✅ Transparent

What needs to be improved
🚫 The height could have been more expansive than the standard 2.5 Ft.

Best to Babyproof Furniture Edges

Childproofing and baby proof products- Baby Proofing Edge Corner Guards

In the initial days, the baby spends the maximum time at home. As a parent, you want to ensure that the baby does so safely and without injuring him/herself.

Most parents tend to keep away sharp objects and wires/cables out of reach from the baby. The question is, What can be done of the furniture?

Their edges may not be a problem for us adults, But think again from a baby perspective. Covering edges of furniture like tables, chairs, loungers, bed edges, crib edges/railings, wall unit, cabinets, cupboards, trolley stands, glass furniture, marble furniture, and corners of walls is a crucial activity.

This is to get you started; there will, of course, be lots of areas you may find in your home that need babyproofing. We found the Amazara Baby proofing edge and corner guards to be the best available to do the job.

The edge guards are made from natural rubber foam; they are thick, soft, and offer ideal protection. Also included are industry-standard 3M tape to secure the guards, a door stopper, and pre-taped corner guards.


Check this out
✅ Utility product to cover edges of furniture.
✅ Guards are made of natural rubber foam.
✅ Easy to install
✅ Does an ideal job and blunts the edges
✅ Easily removable

What needs to be improved
🚫 More Colour options

Best for furniture doors

Childproofing and baby proof products- Furniture Safety Locks for babies

Like we mentioned in this feature, the child likes to explore his/her surroundings; they love to pull or open drawers/cupboards/cabinets, etc. within reach.

This could sometimes cause injury if they open some doors and try to ingest something or pull something that could injure them. As a parent, you would keep a watch on them always; however, it would be nice to have a second safety line.

We found the “KidDough Furniture Safety Locks for Kids” ideal for this activity. The Safety locks are made from durable ABS plastic and are sturdy. The straps which hold the locks are made from nylon and are non-stretchable.

The button can be opened by an adult with one hand, as they are designed to open by pressing the button easily. Industry-standard, high-grade 3M tapes secure the lock to the surface.

Check this out
✅ Durable and sturdy
✅ Locks are made of ABS plastic.
✅ Nylon Straps (Non-stretchable)
✅ Pre-taped 3M tapes to secure the locks
✅ Set of 10

Best for covering electrical sockets
Childproofing and baby proof products- Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Guards

Ideal for covering electric sockets and preventing the baby from electric hazards. These electrical outlet covers are made from ABS plastic and are durable.

They fit snugly into the socket and cover them preventing babies from accidentally inserting anything into the socket holes. They are available in a set of 6, 12, 24, and 36 pieces.

For this example, we have chosen the group of 12 comprising of 10 pcs for 5A sockets and two pcs for 15A sockets. They are also known as “Safety plates.”

Check this out
Safety plates for sockets
✅ Made from ABS plastic
✅ Suitable for 5A and 10A socket
✅ Available in a set of 6, 12, 24, and 36 pcs

Best Door guards

Childproofing and baby proof products- Babysafehouse Finger Pinch Door Guard

These door guards are a must-have for its sheer utility. They are made of foam and fit doors of any size. They prevent the babies’ fingers from being pinched when the door bangs accidentally or due to gusts of wind.

For best results, two guards should be used for one door and ideally placed out of reach of the child for more excellent safety. The designs have cartoon prints and are available in a set of 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, and 20 pieces.

Check this out
✅ Made of foam
✅ Prevents doors from pinching the child’s fingers.
✅ Cartoon prints
✅ Set of 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, and 20 pieces

Best protective wear for Babies
Childproofing and baby proof products- baby safety helmet

Babies are curious and love to crawl around initially and then walk around as they grow. As they learn to walk initially, they are wobbly and lose balance. This could cause minor injuries to the toddler as they bump into furniture or even slip and fall while crawling.

The Safety helmet offers a safe and pleasant playing experience. Use the protective gear only when the child is playing.The helmet is ultralight at 65 g, made from 100% cotton with adequate ventilation. The IXPE filling is soft and designed to absorb the shocks.

The helmet is designed to offer the child maximum comfort and not disturb his/her leisurely activities. The helmet size can be adjusted to fit babies from 6 months to 5 years.

Besides, there are cotton protective knee pads provided. The knee pads have soft foam lining to protect the baby from scraping their knees or if they accidentally crawl on some bump or hard toy.

Check this out
✅ Ultralight Helmet
✅ 100% cotton
✅ IXPE filling for shock absorption
✅ Adjustable size to fit six months to 5 years
✅ Cotton knee pads with foam lining for knee protection

 What needs to be improved
🚫 The ventilation gap near the helmet edges could be made lesser for better protection.

Childproofing products to Baby Proof your home: Price

“Here you will find prices of all the products mentioned in this feature”

Fisher-Price Baby Safety Gate
KidDough Furniture Safety Locks
Protoware Baby Safety Plug Guards
Finger Pinch Door Guard
DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet

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